In today's market, ancillary products are integral to a comprehensive and attractive benefits package that will help your employer clients retain talented employees as well as attract new ones. Additionally, statistics show that brokers who help their clients with multiple lines of coverage have higher retention rates than brokers who help their clients with just one line of coverage.

Need more incentive? The average ancillary commission is an attractive 10%. Over time, this can really add up.
Ancillary products

Warner Pacific can get you quotes from the top carriers for all Ancillary products:

Ancillary Services

Ancillary options

At Warner Pacific, we have numerous ancillary plan options for you to choose from. Whether your employer client is large or small, has current coverage or none at all, we have the solution for you. And for those clients who can’t afford to contribute to the plan, voluntary options are available as well.

We're here to support you however we can. And that includes full General Agency services, so you can keep your focus on your main source of income.

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