Worksite benefits, also known as Voluntary/Supplemental, can help employees to protect their paycheck, assets and lifestyle... something major medical and state disability generally cannot do alone.

At Warner Pacific, we have an in-house Worksite specialist, with 25+ years’ experience in this market, who can help you create a menu of options for your clients so they can better protect their futures.  And since studies show that brokers who write more than one line of coverage with their clients experience better client retention, your future is protected too!
Worksite Services

Worksite benefits are the key for employers who want a way to offer a comprehensive benefits package while maintaining cost control.  With employee-paid benefits, employees have greater flexibility with budgeting and can often keep their benefits even if health or employment changes.
Long-term Revenue
Successful implementation of Worksite/Voluntary/Supplemental benefits offers meaningful long-term revenue for you, as well as valuable lifestyle protection for your clients.

Warner Pacific can assist you in sourcing, quoting, presenting, enrolling, and ongoing service.  Best of all, we can often obtain preferred underwriting and reduced participation requirements!

First-year broker compensation for Worksite benefits ranges from 10% to 80%.  Warner Pacific can help with groups down to as few as two lives, with guaranteed issue beginning at five enrolling in many cases.
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