Warner Pacific’s PRO Census offers you and your employer clients the simplest, fastest, most convenient HIPAA-compliant solution for obtaining employee census data. Powered by Warner Pacific, PRO Census is easily the best census tool in the industry.

More and more of our broker partners are using PRO Census — and they LOVE it! 

No wonder:  It’s easy and fast for brokers, convenient for employers and secure and private for employees. Even better, brokers who use PRO Census get their quotes faster than ever before.

Here’s how it works:


Yes, it really is that easy. And recent enhancements to PRO Census will make your job even easier by:
  • Automatically synching your census data with PRO Census data.
  • Allowing brokers, employers, employees and Warner Pacific to all work together on a census without overriding each other’s information.
  • Displaying icons that indicate if updates were made by you, the employer, an employee or Warner Pacific.

PRO Census and PRO Quote are now better  and even easier — than ever!

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User Guides

PRO Census User Guide (PDF)

PRO Census User Guide: Employer (PDF)

PRO Census User Guide: Employee (PDF)

Find out for yourself how PRO Census is changing brokers’ lives. You can find PRO Census under “PRO Quote Accounts” on the secure Warner Pacific website. Or call us at 800-801-2300 for prompt and friendly assistance. We look forward to working with you!

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