Anthem Q4 Updates for 2021

Rate action
Quarterly rate change average
•    Medical PPO: 1.3%
•    Medical HMO: 1.1%
Annual/renewal rate change average
•    Medical PPO: -1.6%
•    Medical HMO: -0.6%

Underwriting promotions extended through Q4 effective dates:
•    Network Flexibility Promotion: 2 PPO alongside 1 HMO, or 2 HMO alongside 1 PPO
•    DE9C not required with 3 or more subscribers enrolling
•    25% relaxed participation for groups with 5 or more enrolled
•    65% relaxed participation for groups with 1- 4 enrolled
•    Individual and Family coverage (on- and off-exchange) accepted as a valid waiver.
Extra commission for new medical
Earn new small group incentives for the life of the case, including:
•    7% on medical with Sept. enrollment dates and 5 or more enrolled.
•    6% on medical with Oct. – Jan. effective dates and 10 or more enrolled.
•    Additional bonus for specialty!
Download this flyer for complete details.

Live Health Online and embedded EAP included with many medical plans.

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Source: Anthem Blue Cross