Kaiser Permanente Announces Small Business Updates

Kaiser Permanente Small Business Updates for 2022, include the following:
  • No benefit changes – no benefit adjustments will be made and no plans will be discontinued.
  • New Gold HDHP plan – a new Gold 80 HDHP HMO 1600/15% + Child Dental Alt plan is being added. It’s available on- and off-exchange.
  • All Ancillary plans get a rate pass – rates for 2021 ancillary plans will remain the same in 2022. 
  • Lower rate increases for Santa Cruz and Orange Counties - rate increases for area 9/Santa Cruz and rate area 18/Orange will be lower increase than other rate areas.

2022 ACA overall increase is 3%

  • Infertility plans are only available to groups of 20 or more eligible employees.
  • If infertility is offered, all plans must have infertility.
  • Kaiser Permanente must be sole carrier, except for Covered California plans.
  • PPO plans include infertility and cannot be purchased without infertility. PPO plans can be offered with an HMO that does not have INF.
  • The infertility benefit was designed primarily to meet the state regulatory requirement and is limited.

For additional information, contact your Warner Pacific Sales Consultant at (800) 801-2300.
Source: Kaiser Permanente