Health Net Announces Q3 2022 Small Group Rates


Health Net Introduced the approved Q3 2022 small group premium rates and medical/vision benefits for ACA-compliant plan policies, dental, and vision, effective 7/1/22 - 9/30/22. 

Rates Summary:
Medical- Q3 2022 small business rates will have a 0.3% decrease for HMO and HSP plans, and a 2.2% increase for PPO and EnhancedCare PPO plans*.

Dental- No rate or plan changes at this time. 

Vision- No rate or plan changes at this time. 

Optional chiropractic- No rate or plan changes at this time. 

For complete details, you can download and view the approved rates and plan portfolio information**.

If you have any further questions, reach out to your regional Health Net contact or call the at 800-447-8812, Option 2. 


*Please call your Account Manager for Grandfathered rates at 800-447-8812, option 2. 

**The medical rates represent statewide averages. Actual plan rates vary by rating region. Percentages shown compare Q3 2022 rates to Q2 2022 rates.

Source: Health Net