Health Net Approves Small Group Q4 2022 Rates

Introducing the approved Q4 2022 small group premium rates and medical/vision benefits for ACA-compliant plan policies, dental, and vision, effective 10/1/22 - 12/31/22. These rates, previously sent to you as our initial Q4 2022 rates in July 2022, have been approved with no changes by our CDI and DMHC regulators.

Click on the following links to download/view the approved rates, and our plan portfolio information.1
•    Q4 2022 Medical rates (new business and renewing) (XLSX) 
•    2022 Dental rates (XLSX) 
•    2022 Vision rates (XLSX) 
•    2022 Medical portfolio (XLSX) 
•    2022 Vision portfolio (XLSX) 
•    2022 Dental portfolio (XLSX) 
•    Q4 2022 rate guide with approved rates 

Rates Summary1
•    Medical: Q4 2022 small business rates will have a 3.3% decrease for HMO and HSP plans, and a rate pass for PPO and EnhancedCare PPO plans.
•    Dental: No plan changes at this time. 
•    Vision: No rate or plan changes at this time. 
•    Optional chiro: No rate or plan changes at this time. 

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