Kaiser Permanente Members Have Access to COVID Self-Test Kits

While self-tests are in short supply, Kaiser Permanente members may be able to get COVID-19 home antigen tests at no cost through several options:

-Federal government: every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4  free self-tests without shipping fees at covidtests.gov

-Kaiser Permanente pharmacies - if a member is already planning to visit a Kaiser Permanente location, they may be able to pick up a self-test while they are visitng, as supply allows.

-Retail pharmacies -  new convenient options are available for Kaiser Permanente members to pick up self-tests at no cost from participating retail pharmacies, such as Walmart and Rite Aid. Visit www.kp.org to see a list of participating retailers. 

Members will need to take the test to the pharmacy counter and show their photo ID and kaiser Permanente ID card. Availability of test may vary. 

Kaiser Permanente members can also be reimbursed if they pay for an FDA-approved test. A claim can be submitted for reimbursement at www.kp.org. Select "Coverage & Costs" and then select "Submit a medical claim".

For the latest information on supply and available brands at kaiser Permanente locations, visit www.kp.org/covidtests 
Source: Kaiser Permanente