Roe v. Wade - Travel Reimbursement Benefit From Blue Shield of California


Blue Shield of California is committed to ensuring their members have equitable access to health care services covered under their benefit plans.

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the decision that legalized abortion nationally, these reproductive medical services have been restricted or banned in some states. While access to pregnancy termination services in several states, including California, is protected by state law, this potentially affects Blue Shield of California members living in other states.

Blue Shield of California will be providing a travel reimbursement program to assist Blue Shield members living in states that implement restrictions or bans on pregnancy termination services with access to these services in other states where they remain legally available. Tomorrow they will share details of the travel reimbursement program with our group plan sponsors with members residing in these states; this includes fully‑insured and self‑funded groups. Groups that do not have abortion coverage (e.g. religious exemption) are not included in communications and will preemptively be opted-out of the program.

The full program details from Blue Shield of California can be found here.

Groups may opt-out of making this program available to their out-of-state members by completing this online form.

-Opt-out decisions must be received no later than July 8, 2022, to prevent members from being notified of the program.

-To avoid member confusion, groups should opt-out using this form if they are providing, or intend to provide, travel reimbursement for abortion services directly to plan enrollees.

Program details are pending regulatory review. There is no impact to current group premiums as a result of this program. Contracts and plan documents will not be amended, as the travel reimbursement is being made available as a program and not a plan design or benefit change.

Please contact your Blue Shield representative with questions.

Source: Blue Shield of California