Warner Pacific Strengthens Its Partnerships and Product Offerings

We have news to share. Earlier this month, Warner Pacific purchased Beta Health Association’s General Agency platform. As many of you know, this is a platform where groups purchase Beta Heath dental savings plans alongside fully insured dental plans.

This acquisition came about after years of partnership between Warner Pacific and Beta Health. As a result, Warner Pacific simply assumes management of this platform. That’s the biggest change you’ll see right now. The platform, the plans, and how they are managed is staying the same. 

There are no impacts to your groups, and you will continue working with Toni Palmer as your account manager for this platform, as she will be transitioning her employment from Beta Health to Warner Pacific.

Further in the future, with our resources, technology, and carrier partners, you can expect exciting updates to plan features that directly respond to your customer needs.

Thank you for your business. Please feel free to reach out directly to Toni with questions at (720) 940-5613 or (303) 918-3168. 
Source: Warner Pacific