Blue Shield of California's Exciting New Plan Options for 2024


Blue Shield of California is excited to announce its expanded portfolio of medical plans for 2024. The upcoming offerings include several innovative plans such as Virtual Blue PPO Savings, Active Choice Plus and Classic, and Full PPO. These plans focus on integration and convenience, coupling in-person and virtual care delivery, and offering flexibility with deductible and Out-Of-Pocket Maximum (OOPM) options. Also of note is a new reimbursement plan for members requiring a transplant from a provider 100 miles away, offering up to $5,000 per member, per lifetime.

In response to market demand, the carrier is also introducing new pharmacy riders and enhanced Rx riders with varying deductible options. Also planned for 2024 are specialty dental and vision updates, including four new Dental PPO (DPPO) plans and several Dental In-Network Only (DINO) plans. Blue Shield is also excited to unveil its new vision vendor, EyeMed, which will take over the administration of MES Vision benefits.

Starting this year, Blue Shield of California has launched a Prescription Savings Program designed to improve prescription drug affordability and medication adherence in collaboration with Sempre Health. This program offers discounts on member out-of-pocket costs for select medications via a convenient text-based system.

Lastly, as the digital age brings about increased screen time, Blue Shield emphasizes the importance of regular eye exams for overall health protection. Routine eye exams can provide early indicators of severe illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Blue Shield encourages adding vision coverage to your clients’ medical benefits to lower the cost of overall care and potentially reduce groups’ medical premiums.