Blue Shield of California Announces Updates for 2023

In their November newsletter, Blue Shield of California announced the following updates:

Beginning January 1, 2023, Blue Shield will be offering a Prescription Savings Program for 2023 with new text-based discounts for members.

Also starting January 1, 2023, they are expanding their networks in San Diego County.

Be aware of their new broker verification process that includes updated password requirements and a list of standard information to include in all email communications.

COVID-19 Bivalent Boosters and Flu Shots are available now.

Small Group Updates:
They are increasig their specialty offerings with 8 new DPPO plans effective January 1, 2023.
Q1 2023 rates are now available.

Medical Rate Action:
Blue Shield's first-quarter 2023 medical rate action is a statewide average of 2.1%.

Medical Plan Updates:
This year Blue Shield has minimal changes and impacts to their plans. Both Mirror and Off-exchange plans have cost share changes. They are expanding their network for Bronze HMO 7000/70.

Off-Exchange PPO Plans:
Impacted plans with cost share changes:
  • Silver PPO 2000/60
  • Silver PPO 2350/65
  • Silver PPO 2550/70
  • Bronze PPO 5500/65
  • Bronze PPO 6500/70
  • Bronze PPO 6850/55
  • Bronze PPO 7500/65
  • Gold PPO Savings 1750/15% HDHP Prev RX
  • Silver PPO Savings 23500/25%
  • Silver PPO Savings 2600/35%
  • Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO 2500/55
Off-Exchange HMO plans:

Network expansion for Bronze HMO 7000/70:
  • The Bronze HMO 7000/70 is now available on Access+ and Local Access+. This plan has rich benefits at a low cost. All professional services are available prior to deductibles. It includes integrated pharmacy deductibles, flat copays, and chiropractic services.
Impacted plans with cost share changes:
  • Platinum HMO 0/20
  • Gold HMO 0/30
  • Silver HMO 2750/70
  • Bronze Trio HMO 7000/70
  • Blue Shield Trio Silver 70 HMO 2500/55
Virtual Blue coming soon!
At this year’s Roadshow Blue Shield announced Virtual Blue, a virtual-first health plan made for your clients and their employees. With Virtual Blue, employees have choice combined with a seamless, holistic care experience.

Virtual visits with primary, behavioral and specialty care providers are available to members for $0 cost. No referrals needed. It’s health care that’s flexible, easy to use, with $0 unlimited talk therapy because mental wellness matters to employees and employers. And Virtual Blue includes many more features to help your clients attract and retain top talent.

Large Group Updates:
Their Blue High-Performance Network will be expanding to 11 new counties, delivering quality care at a lower cost.

The new revised home infusion services being offered will cost members 2-3 times less in 2023.

For more information or if you have question, contact your Warner Pacific Sales Consultant at (800) 801-2300.
Source: Blue Shield of California