Why Your Company Needs A Blog

Posted: 6/8/2016 8:00:47 AM by Miki Rettig (CA)
Original article: http://www.rightmixmarketing.com/business-blog/why-your-company-needs-a-blog/

Having a blog gives you control over the top of your sales funnel. It allows the site to give a complete summary to both Google and your readers. This means more traffic.

That traffic can also be manipulated once onsite to follow posts from the informative section down inquiries and propositions to sales. Taking advantage of the traffic benefits that your blog offers, and setting up a blog funnels traffic down the sales column is a perk that can’t be ignored.

Brand Voice

There is a brand voice just waiting to spring forth. Already half-formed on your facebook wall, and dancing around the morals and beliefs that drive you forward as a company, a clear, unified brand voice will help you move forward. A unified branding strategy needs a strong voice, and practicing it often, in long-form can help define it, and you as a brand.

Header Tags

Header tags are vital. Dabble in your H-tags, Title Tags, and Meta Descriptions. They are the labels on your site that Google reads, and if many are missing, or duplicated, Google just won’t get a complete picture of your site. And that is a big deal if traffic is important to you. If you give Google a complete picture of your site, it means ranking higher for the search terms that apply to you. If you rank higher, people will be able to find you easier.

If you’re just barely starting out and are in a competitive market; consider tapping into long-tail keywords and introducing a healthy amount of branding throughout your tags. A great free tool to see where your site is now is ScreamingFrog. It will tell you what your tags are, and where there could be some potential problems, plus it’s free.

Why It Works.

Whether you’re looking to boost traffic or move things forward, having an informative blog will assist your business goals. An informative voice that accurately summarizes your company, in a neat organized way will make you visible to Google and your readers.

More Audience

A tactical traffic increase means a larger customer base, and that means big money. There is no end to what people will search for, and to reach people who want to find you, but don’t know the brand name yet. For example, someone is looking for “danger”, which fourteen thousand people look for on Google (according to SEMRush), you will primarily find various dictionaries or information about a band called2emedanger. But if you run a travel blog about dangerous travel, then adjusting your content to reflect the dangerous nature of your travel means additional traffic from the search term “dangerous”. Long-form keywords offer a complete summary of your blog and allow you to rank higher for super specific words that your clients are looking for AND more general high-volume keywords.

Additional Authority

Gaining authority online will help your customers find you, improve your social networking power, andreduce bounce rate. Informational blogs tell users that the site knows what it’s talking about and Google (if done well) that the site is an authority in the field. These are both things have lasting impacts. People who respect the blog and products are more likely to share information over their social media, and if Google likes what it sees, it can translate to higher, pertinent, rankings.

Bonus Tips

Your blog is super informational, well-written, and labeled in a way that Google can read, then the site is well on its way to doing fantastic. There are some bonus things you can do with your blog to turn it up a notch is it’s already labeled, informational and well-written.

Seasonal Shifts

Every holiday that comes around is incredibly tempting to blog about. It will increase traffic, help humanize the blog, and can be a great time to introduce sales and discounts. However, taking the ideas from seasonal marketing (like this father’s day marketing) can be a wonderful fit year-round. Using discount codes to track the amount of people who are reading your blogs isn’t just for times of celebration, they can be year round. Marketing blitzes can be any time, and are super effective during slower times of the year.

Get Help

You might need help for your site. There are a plethora of options to explore. Some good signs to look for are people who want to make the information on your site available to interested readers. It’s about being on-topic, on-brand, and in a place that makes sense to the readers. A digital marketing certification is also a great thing to look for, or consider for yourself if undertaking marketing in-house.

Off Site Exploration

Take your blogging on the road and hit up other relevant, niche-specific blogs that accept guest posters. It’s a great way to flex and show off all the awesome parts of your blog. Exploring offsite is a great way to direct traffic back to your site and show off the many facets of your company. Going off-site is the next logical step when building out your blog.