For Your Success

School of Success is a true agent university that offers industry professionals unique and unprecedented educational and developmental opportunities. In a sales environment that’s constantly evolving, nothing compares to School of Success when it comes to keeping agents in the know. 
Here are just some of the features of School of Success:


Professional Designation

Complete the classroom course curriculum and you’ll earn your Health Insurance Professional (HIP) designation. The HIP designation is one of the most prestigious you can earn. Picture your business card with the letters HIP after your name. Pretty cool, right?

Continuing Education

Every two years, you have to renew your license. It’s time-consuming. It takes you away from what you’d rather be doing; selling insurance and growing your business. But it’s also critically important. At Warner Pacific, we stay up to the minute on market developments, so when you take a continuing education course through the School of Success, you’re getting the most current information available. 

Practical Knowledge You Can Apply Immediately

It really doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the industry or if you’ve been here for 20+ years. When you come to a School of Success class, we promise you will leave with something valuable you can take back to your office and use right away. 

Master Level Trainers

Each School of Success instructor goes through rigorous and detailed “Train the Trainer” sessions so they not only know the material through and through, they are schooled in the most effective techniques for delivering information to the adult learner. 


Get all the latest information on products, legislative development and more, all from the comfort of your home or office. 


At Warner Pacific, we don’t just talk about Ethics. We live it. We believe that the right way isn’t just a way to do things, it’s the only way to do things. It’s a big reason we became the top selling general agency for many of the nation’s largest insurance providers. Our Ethics class does fulfill the ethics part of your license renewal requirement, but it’s much more than just a class. It’s a business philosophy that works. 

It’s Free

All School of Success education is free of charge to our students. Your success is our success. 


To learn more about School of Success, call (800) 801-2300.

We look forward to hearing from you.