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Dealing with HR and compliance matters can be the most difficult task for businesses. Human resource and compliance issues can include employee relations, workplace rules, policies, procedures, labor laws, and regulations. Compliance requirements involve a variety of topics, such as health and safety conditions, anti-discrimination measures, wage and overtime pay, recordkeeping, hiring practices, and more.

Failure to comply with HR and compliance regulations can result in hefty fines, legal action, or even the loss of one’s reputation. Thus, it’s important for companies to manage their HR and compliance tasks properly. 

At Warner Pacific, we understand the complexities of managing these delicate elements and devised solutions to make the process easier. Our HR compliance services provide agents and brokers with the tools and resources they need to help their clients with compliance issues.  

When you use our tools and resources to stay on top of HR and compliance matters, your clients can rest easy knowing IRS and other regulations are being met and their employees are getting the benefits they deserve. It’s a win-win: Your clients enjoy comprehensive resources for HR, compliance and employee management, while you enjoy a competitive edge. 

Why Warner Pacific?

At Warner Pacific, we have more than 40 years of experience in the insurance industry. Our team is made up of highly accomplished professionals with plenty of experience in risk management, employee benefits, and HR compliance. 

We have a full suite of consumer-centric tools that make it easier for brokers and agents to simplify their HR and compliance tasks. Our dedicated specialists are available to provide support and advice, ensuring agents and brokers have the HR compliance resources they need to effectively manage their clients' needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our HR compliance services, or take the leap and start working with us today. With our help, you can simplify HR and compliance tasks and help your clients stay on top of their obligations.

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    Individual Medical

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    Large Group Medical

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    Group Ancillary & Worksite

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    Warner Pacific is the expert in Medicare.

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    HR & Compliance

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    Peace of mind for globetrotting clients.

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