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PRO Quote is insurance broker quoting software designed by Warner Pacific with you and your clients in mind. Whether you want to evaluate options for a small group, an individual or family or someone eligible for Medicare, our insurance quote tool creates tailored quotes that address your clients’ specific needs.

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    Fast, Relevant Sorting

    Quickly and intuitively filter plans based on benefits, networks and plan types.

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    Multi-Plan Comparison (MPC)

    Market current, renewal and comparable coverages in real time, with up to three different effective dates.

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    Individualized Employee Worksheets

    HIPAA-compliant worksheets illustrate each member’s plan options, pay periods, benefits, and premiums after employer contribution.

User Guides

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    Easy Online Enrollment

    Get your clients' employees enrolled quickly and accurately.

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  • pro-quote

    Fast & Easy Quoting

    Create and customize quotes just the way you want them, when you need them.

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    Find the Right Networks

    Compare carrier networks to find the right fit for your clients.

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  • pro-census

    Quick Census Gathering

    Generate census data with the best tool in the industry.

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  • carrier-411

    Find Carrier Information

    Get answers to your carrier questions in one convenient place.

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    Forms, Flyers and Much More

    Quick access to our extensive library of carrier materials.

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