Level-Funded Medical Plan Partners

When it comes to providing an employer sponsored health plan, it’s crucial that you have several worthwhile options to select from. This is where we at Warner Pacific can help you. We work with an expansive network of carriers and TPAs to provide both small and larger companies with health plans that meet their needs. Among these are level-funded plans.

Level-funded Plans

Level-funded plans are self-funded plans that combine elements of both self-funding and fully insured plans.  Employers pay a fixed monthly premium that includes a carrier or third-party administrator (TPA) fee and stop-loss insurance, along with protection for claims that are received after the end of the plan year.  

Key Points:

•    Predictability:  Employers know exactly how much they will spend each month.

•    Risk: Level-funded plans are lower risk compared to traditional self-funded plans.

•    Flexibility: Provide a middle ground between fully insured and traditionally self-funded plans.

•    Benefits:  Cost control, safety net, and composite-rated pricing with solid reliable benefits and expansive provider network and pharmacy  options. 

What Businesses are Ideal for Level-funded Health Plans?

When a fully insured method of coverage is too expensive or doesn’t provide the flexibility or choices an employer needs, a level-funded health plan can be a wonderful alternative. This is why this type of plan is often attractive for smaller companies and budget-conscious midsized businesses.  If your client is a company looking to provide their team with reliable and innovative coverage that meets both employer and employee budgetary requirements, this could be just the type of plan they need.

The Warner Difference

Warner Pacific is a valuable resource for health plans and other employee benefits for both small and large businesses.  Our variety of outstanding level-funded plan partners and our experienced sales consultants will ensure that you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.  We’re always available to answer questions and provide you with support in serving your clients.  Contact your Warner Sales Consultant today for more information about the benefits of working with Warner and our resources for level-funded plans.