Warner U I School of Success

Welcome to the new Warner U, where you can take courses for all levels from great instructors.
Cultivate a passion for learning, professional development and continuing education.


Expect the Best

The core of our new professional development program, Warner U, is this: Learning drives success. Rooted in Warner history, Warner U prepares brokers with continuing education courses and featured events. Classes range from skill-building to advanced tutorials, and are designed for brokers and account managers.

Continuing Education

We offer brokers continuing education courses, keeping you on top of compliance, professional requirements, and product knowledge such as the ins-and-outs of level-funded plans for large and small groups.



No matter where you are in your career, you’ll come away with valuable tips and information you can apply immediately.


Tracks For All Levels

Warner U provides something valuable: courses developed and designed for benefits professionals at varying levels of expertise. Whether you’re an account manager or broker, new to Warner or seasoned, we’ll offer you meaningful courses.


Top-Tier Instructors

Courses at Warner U are led by known, seasoned experts. From technology to eye-opening trends, you can be sure our experts will deliver vast amounts of knowledge.  


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In the meantime, check out our video here to get a feel for what's coming next!

For questions, or if you need an evite, please contact your Sales Representative at (800) 801-2300.

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