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Our industry-leading, HIPAA-compliant census software tool allows employees, employers, brokers and the team at Warner Pacific to securely and directly upload census information for quoting. PRO Census facilitates collaborative insurance data collection between all parties, without overriding each other’s work.

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    Seamless Integration with PRO Quote

    Send a PRO Census link to the employer administrator, who sends it to employees for easy and secure census gathering. Data then flows directly into PRO Quote for quick and accurate quoting.

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    Customized Survey Questions

    Tailor the information needed from employees for census collection to save them — and yourself — time. Customization also helps you better understand your clients’ needs and identify opportunities for cross-selling.

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    Informative Dashboard

    An easy-to-use dashboard allows the group administrator to monitor progress and make updates as necessary.

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Our Technology

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    Easy Online Enrollment

    Get your clients' employees enrolled quickly and accurately.

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    Fast & Easy Quoting

    Create and customize quotes just the way you want them, when you need them.

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    Find the Right Networks

    Compare carrier networks to find the right fit for your clients.

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    Quick Census Gathering

    Generate census data with the best tool in the industry.

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    Find Carrier Information

    Get answers to your carrier questions in one convenient place.

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    Forms, Flyers and Much More

    Quick access to our extensive library of carrier materials.

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