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  • 2/13/2024


    Medicare Supplement Series with Shauna - Anthem

    Webinar Duration: 38:56

    Hear straight from Anthem about their “Extras” packages for Med Supp, SilverSneakers fitness program and more.

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  • 2/8/2024


    Medicare Supplement Series with Shauna - Liberty Banker's Life

    Webinar Duration: 42:34

    Catch up with Bankers Life. Hear about their on-the-spot underwriting, optional benefit riders and their agent incentive trip to the Czech Republic in 2025!

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  • 2/6/2024


    Medicare Supplement Series with Shauna - Allstate

    Webinar Duration: 44:17

    Get Med Supp updates directly from Allstate. Learn about plans, discounts and more.

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  • 1/23/2024


    Got PFML Questions? Sun Life has Answers!

    Webinar Duration: 28:54

    Colorado’s Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) law has taken effect, and your Warner Pacific Colorado team and our partners at Sun Life are excited to share all about it and answer your questions! Whether your clients have placed PFML benefits with a private ancillary carrier or have chosen to work with the state directly, as of January 1, virtually all Colorado employees now have access to PFML benefits and job protections.

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  • 1/18/2024

    California Colorado Florida Minnesota Oklahoma Texas

    Webinar | 2023 Forms 1094/1095: A How-To Guide

    Webinar Duration: 1:16:01

    The rules surrounding the ACA’s 4980H shared-responsibility penalties and IRS Forms 1094/1095 reporting are complex. The obligation to understand the law — and fill out the forms correctly and on time — rests with the employer. And if they get it wrong, the consequences are significant. In this webinar, we discuss: • The relationship between the 4980H penalties and completing the 1094/1095 forms • Rapidly approaching deadlines to furnish and file the forms • And more

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  • 11/9/2023

    California Colorado Oklahoma Texas

    Employee Navigator & Ease: What you need to know about the acquisition

    Webinar Duration: 27:17

    Do you use Ease to manage your groups’ benefits and HR? If so, don’t miss this recording. We’ll cover Employee Navigator’s recent acquisition of Ease, including: • Our support for brokers who use Ease • An update on the Ease acquisition timeline • Broker licensing fees staying the same for most brokers in 2024 • Tools that will migrate a case from Ease to Employee Navigator

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  • 11/8/2023

    California Colorado Florida Oklahoma Texas

    Fireside chat w/ John Nelson & Janet Trautwein

    Webinar Duration: 28:14

    A fireside chat with our Co-CEO, John Nelson, and Janet Trautwein, Warner Pacific’s new Compliance and Government Affairs Executive! Hear from John and Janet on her new role and how it can help you, as well as the issues that are important to our industry.

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  • 11/1/2023


    Webinar | Highlights from Health Net

    Webinar Duration: 24:17

    Health Net has news for you! 5th Quarter highlights. In just 30 minutes, find out about: • Rate stability and growth opportunities • Peak-season broker incentives • Simplified underwriting and promotions • Health Net’s new OOS PPO network • Value adds • Key updates

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  • 10/24/2023


    Discover What Warner Pacific's Value Can Mean for You!

    Webinar Duration: 32:49

    Join our Oklahoma team for this webinar on Warner Pacific’s value — from our history of excellence to our operations support to our technology tools — and what this means for you.

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  • 10/16/2023


    5th Quarter News Directly From Blue Shield

    Webinar Duration: 26:38

    To help you jam through the 5th Quarter, we’ve teamed up with Blue Shield of California to show you their latest updates! Watch our 30-minute webinar. We’ll go over the current and upcoming quarter, as well as discuss one of Blue Shield’s newest plans, Virtual Blue. This solution goes beyond telehealth to support better value and access. It will empower your clients and their employees with choice, connection and convenience.

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