Travel Insurance

Do you have clients who travel internationally?
Experts predict that global corporate travel will increase 50% by 2020.  Keeping their traveling employees safe, healthy and productive will be a top priority for employers.  A recent survey reveals that 42% of CEOs already plan on changing their approach to healthcare as a result of their employees’ increased travel.*

Whether travel is for work, school, or pleasure, Warner Pacific can provide you with a customized health insurance plan for your clients so they have convenient access to top-quality medical care no matter where in the world they may be.

Warner Pacific is proud to partner with GeoBlue for international travel insurance. There are a number of benefits associated with this partnership:
  1. Plans are delivered under a brand Americans trust.
  2. Unlike with other international plans, agents enjoy full protection under their E&O insurance when they sell GeoBlue.
  3. Customers benefit from a regulated policy.
Check out the video below for even more reasons why partnering with GeoBlue will benefit both you and your clients.

Watch the video below to see why international trips need true international coverage.


Please click on the link below to get appointed with GeoBlue. It takes just a few minutes.

When you click the final submission button within the link, you will immediately be sent an email with your new GeoBlue 5-digit agent ID and your online enrollment link so you can start quoting and enrolling your clients online.
  Offering international travel insurance is just one more way you can become a true full-service agency for your clients. 
To learn more about our travel insurance products,
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*Source: Price Waterhouse Coopers Talent Mobility 2020 Managing Tomorrow’s People