Pros and Cons of Selling Large Group Insurance

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As a business grows, it’s vital that they adapt their insurance packages to accommodate their larger employee base. This is where they turn to knowledgeable brokers to get them the quotes they need. However, dealing with larger coverage options can be tricky if you’re new to the process, and knowing some pros and cons can set you up for success. Here are some pros and cons of selling large group insurance to know.

Pros of Selling Large-Group Insurance


Lower Premiums

One of the main advantages of large group insurance is that the cost of premiums is lower compared to other types of insurance plans. By purchasing large-group insurance, employers can provide their employees with comprehensive health coverage at a more affordable rate. This, in turn, can increase employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Tax Benefits

Large group insurance policies offer tax benefits to both employers and employees. Employers can receive tax deductions for the premiums paid, and employees save on taxes by paying their premiums pre-tax. This tax break can provide a significant financial incentive for employers to purchase large group insurance policies.

Simplified Administration

With large group insurance, employers benefit from a simplified administration process. Employers can easily manage their insurance policies by dealing with only one insurance company rather than managing multiple individual insurance policies from different providers.

Cons of Selling Large-Group Insurance


Limited Options

While large group insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage, they also have limited insurance options. Employers may have little flexibility in terms of customization options, which can be problematic for companies with specific needs.

High Deductibles

Large group policies may come with high deductibles, which can be a significant disadvantage for employees. If the deductible is too high, employees may be reluctant to seek medical attention when needed.

Complex Eligibility Rules

Large group policies have complex eligibility rules that make it difficult for employees to understand their coverage and benefits. This can lead to confusion and frustration, which ultimately results in lower employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Tips for Selling Large Group Insurance


Now that you know some pros and cons of selling large group insurance, it’s time to discuss some helpful tips to keep in mind. To sell these packages, brokers must arm themselves with information and expertise about the carriers, products, and regulations. Develop relationships with business owners and offer personalized solutions that can fit every business's unique needs. Make sure you also stay up to date on changing legislation and the evolving insurance market to understand the nuances of offering large group insurance plans.
Selling large group insurance can be an excellent option for insurance brokers looking to provide comprehensive health coverage at an affordable rate. Although it has some disadvantages, the overall benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Working with an established general agency, like Warner Pacific, can help you navigate the complexities of large group insurance policies and ensure that your clients receive the coverage they need. Contact us today for large group health insurance quoting and logistics services.