Questions Brokers Can Expect in Healthcare Renewal Season

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Healthcare renewal season can be a stressful time for insurance brokers. During this crucial period, brokers must answer questions from clients and guide them through the renewal process. As such, it’s crucial that you’re well-prepared and aware of the questions you may face during this season. We will discuss some of the most common questions brokers should expect during healthcare renewal season, as well as strategies for navigating these inquiries.

“What Coverage Options Are Available This Year?”


The first question that you can expect from your clients relates to their coverage options. Every year, health insurance plans change in some way, and new options become available. Make sure you’re up to date on these developments so that you can help clients make informed decisions about which plans align with their individual needs and preferences. Being able to clearly explain the various policy options can help clients understand what type of coverage would work best for their situation.

“What Are the Pros and Cons of Renewing My Current Plan?”


Clients may also ask what the pros and cons are of their current plan. Renegotiating with clients on their policies when a renewal takes place can be challenging. Come prepared with your notes and comparisons of plans that would better suit clients' needs in case of necessary changes. Clients usually ask this question because they're unsure how much their premiums, co-pays, and out-of-pocket expenses will be. The more guidance you can give here, the better.

“What Should I Prepare for When Filing My Claims?”


Another important question brokers can expect during healthcare renewal season pertains to the filing process. Clients may have several concerns about the claims filing process, and knowing how they can prepare can help them have a hassle-free experience. Provide clients with an explanation of their plan's reimbursement policies so that there are no surprises down the line. You can review anything from how to submit claims, how to get information on claim statuses, or how out-of-pocket expenses work.

“Can You Help Me Manage My Costs?”


Additionally, it’s common for clients to ask about cost management. Employers are always interested in keeping their healthcare costs as manageable as possible. To help address this query, brokers should be ready to provide personalized cost management strategies, such as evaluating cost-sharing opportunities or risk analysis.
The healthcare renewal season is a crucial time for brokers to excel in their roles of providing innovative solutions and personalized service to their clients. By leveraging the right tools and strategies, setting clear expectations, and staying up to date on the latest industry trends, brokers can better equip themselves to address common questions and concerns. Warner Pacific provides access to a reference-based pricing model on individual insurance quotes and group plans that can help employees save money on their healthcare. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you during healthcare renewal season.