SAAHU | Annual Professional Development Symposium



8:00 am to 4:00 pm, CT

Norris Conference Center 618 NW Loop 410 (Park North Shopping Center) San Antonio, TX 78216

The San Antonio Association of Health Underwriters is pleased to offer our Annual Professional Development Symposium, 5 hour CE. 

Bringing Benefits and Technology Together:  The Key to Success
1 Hour | Course #:  TBD | Instructor: Stu Story| Provider: TAHU| Provider #:  32408
Description:   The impact and advantages of technology on our lives today, can simply not be ignored.  Hear from Stu about real challenges companies are facing during the time of great resignation and how technology combined with robust benefits alongside skilled expertise can eliminate burdens, address compliance, & provide a better more engaged employee experience.

The Top Benefits Compliance Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making
1 Hour | Course #:  TBD | Panelist: Elizabeth Raggio, JD; Misty Baker, Sarah Borders| Provider: TAHU| Provider #:  32408
Description:   Proactively reduce risk for your employer groups using current bad actor stories from the field.  The compliance panel will bring in the top concerns of employers today so you can share strategies and solutions right from the beginning.

Mind Wellness
1 Hour | Course #: 130094 | Instructor: Heather Garcia | Provider:  TAHU| Provider #:  32408
Description:   The pandemic has tested the mental resiliency of employees, but the good news is people see value in mental health support.  How can employers make it important at work too? Understand how the added attention will drive results for the plan, the employee, and the overall employer-employee experience.

The Process of Thriving: Moving the Industry Forward
1 Hour | Course #:  TBD | Instructor: Panelist:  Kelly Fristo, Ross Gunnels, Travis Sartain| Provider: TAHU| Provider #:  32408
Description:   Innovation in Selling Insurance.  With the passing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, and the new Transparency rules in place for Insurance Agents, creative ideas along side amazing consulting are going to be required.  

Price Transparency Regulation: Clear as Mud Instructor                                                                               
1 Hour | Course #: 125763 | Instructor: Gentry Lynn | Provider:  TAHU| Provider #:  32408
Description:   Healthcare Price Transparency Provides Key Opportunities; Satisfy Increasing Patient Interest in Cost of Care; Improve Patient Trust and Healthcare Comparison Shopping Literacy; Create the Optimal Patient Experience; Contain Costs for Health Plans and Employers. What does this mean for brokers? For carriers? For TPAs? For Employees?
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