Blue Shield of California Expands Mental Health Resources For Members With Addition of CredibleMind

Blue Shield of California members now have access to a new private and secure self-care online portal through CredibleMind. The CredibleMind platform offers personalized mental health and resilience, information, tools, and resources. This innovative platform provides a one-stop source of more than 230 mental health topics and links members to science-based information and tools to improve mental well-being.

"An ecosystem of resources is helpful in improving mental health and emotional well-being, but it can be hard for people to know what is available and how to navigate what's best for them," said Jennifer Christian Herman, Ph.D., vice president, MindBody Medicine/Behavioral Health at Blue Shield of California. "Our goal in offering CredibleMind is to destigmatize mental health and make access to useful resources readily broadly available to all of our members."

Blue Shield and CredibleMind now offer three key sources of information:
  • Assessments are the most popular feature and cover topics such as depression and anxiety as well as flourishing, sleep, social connections, burnout, and Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD). At the end of each assessment, members receive a score with recommended resources and actionable steps they can take.
  • Topic centers are the brain of the site, covering over 230 mental health and well-being topics and resources tied to those topics, grouped in lists
  • Resources throughout the platform include podcasts, books, articles, and videos that members can access, no matter what their individual regardless of their learning styles.

The CredibleMind portal is available to Blue Shield of California members at Blue Shield of California | CredibleMind
Source: Blue Shield of California