Blue Shield of California's 2nd Quarter Rates Are Now Available

Blue Shield of California's Q2 2023 rates are now available and their second-quarter 2023 rate action is a statewide average of 1.9%.

This year, Blue Shield of California has minimal changes and impacts to their plans. Both Mirror and Off-exchange plans have cost share changes. They are expanding their network options for Bronze HMO 7000/70.

Off-Exchange PPO Plans
Impacted plans with cost share changes:
  • Silver PPO 2000/60
  • Silver PPO 2350/65
  • Silver PPO 2550/70
  • Bronze PPO 5500/65
  • Bronze PPO 6500/70
  • Bronze PPO 6850/55
  • Bronze PPO 7500/65
  • Gold PPO Savings 1750/15% HDHP Prev RX
  • Silver PPO Savings 23500/25%
  • Silver PPO Savings 2600/35%
  • Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO 2500/55
Off-Exchange HMO Plans
Network expansion for Bronze HMO 7000/70
The Bronze HMO 7000/70 is now available on Access+ and Local Access+. This plan has rich benefits at a low cost. It includes integrated pharmacy deductibles, flat copays, and chiropractic services. All professional services are available prior to deductibles.

Impacted plans with cost share changes:
  • Platinum HMO 0/20
  • Gold HMO 0/30
  • Silver HMO 2750/70
  • Bronze Trio HMO 7000/70
  • Blue Shield Trio Silver 70 HMO 2500/55

A list of small business medical plans that changed names for 2023 can be found here.

Check out these helpful sales resources to learn more about their plan offerings for 2023.

Introducing 2023 New Dental PPO Plans
These 8 new DPPO plans will give your groups more options and increased offerings. Blue Shield of California has expanded their “Marketed” DPPO portfolio plan from 22 to 30 DPPO portfolio plans.

The newly designed plans include:
  • Offering a $1,500 calendar year maximum option under Bronze DPPO
    • Existing Bronze DPPO plans include a $1,000 calendar year maximum
  • Offering MAC out-of-network reimbursement option under Gold DPPO
    • Existing Gold DPPO plans include U90 out-of-network reimbursement
New plans:
  • Bronze DPPO/1500/MAC
  • Bronze DPPO/MAC/Child Only Ortho
  • Bronze Voluntary DPPO/ $1500/MAC
  • Bronze Voluntary DPPO/$1500/MAC/Child Only Ortho
  • Gold DPPO/$1500/MAC
  • Gold DPPO/$1500/MAC/Adult+Child Ortho
  • Gold DPPO/$2000/MAC
  • Gold DPPO/$2000/MAC/Adult+Child Ortho
Dental Plans to be Withdrawn in 2023
Five DPPO plans and five DINO plans (listed here) will be withdrawn from Blue Shield of California's Specialty portfolio beginning January 1, 2023, as part of their product transformation and portfolio simplification efforts. 

To learn more about their specialty plan offerings for 2023, check out their Q2 Specialty Sales Guide.

Enrolling members in Blue Shield of California small business plans gives you a chance to earn more in 2023.  For groups with effective dates from February 2022 - January 2023, see their Rewards and Commissions page for more information. 

They also have recently updated their Summary of Benefits (SBCs) with increased embedded individual deductibles for three PPO Savings plans. The new in-network deductible amount is $3,000 for each plan – with an out-of-network deductible of $6,000 – per DMHC requirements.
  • Silver PPO Savings 2300/25% HDHP
  • Silver PPO Savings 2600/35% HDHP
  • Gold PPO Savings 1750/15% HDHP

Source: Blue Shield of California