COVID-19 Update: Blue Shield of California


In the latest Blue Shield newsletter, the spotlight is on brokers being informed through the newsletter that the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency is slated to conclude on May 11, 2023. As a result, Blue Shield is liaising with group plan sponsors to discuss potential consequences for their plans and members. Additionally, brokers are reminded to keep their demographic information up-to-date to guarantee receipt of critical documents, such as the 1099 forms for 2022/2023, and to be aware of the Pharmacy Drug Cost Reporting deadline on June 1, 2023. Check out the recent broker alert on this topic here.

Additionally, Blue Shield has launched the innovative hybrid Virtual Blue‚Ą† model, surpassing conventional telehealth by merging in-person and virtual care within a single plan, with enrollment commencing in January 2023. Furthermore, the newsletter delves into the forthcoming shift from the Benefits Manager tool to the Employer Enrollment Tool by mid-April, urging brokers to examine their book of business, participate in webinars, and acquaint themselves with the new platform.

The newsletter also showcases an insightful article authored by Dr. Nicole Stelter, Blue Shield's Director of Behavioral Health, which explores the creation of a psychologically healthy workplace for employers. Lastly, brokers are advised to take advantage of the valuable tools and resources found on the Small Business Sales and Support Contact page and to follow the Blue Shield News Center on LinkedIn to stay abreast of the latest developments.