COVID-19 Update: Cigna Healthcare Reinstates Standard Coverage as COVID-19 Emergencies End


Following the federal government's announcement in January that both national emergencies addressing COVID-19 will end on May 11, 2023, Cigna Healthcare has informed clients that standard plan coverage* will resume, effective May 12, 2023. Medical and pharmacy plans will no longer be subject to federal coverage requirements for COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and treatment.

eCards have been distributed to clients today, covering ASO integrated pharmacy and medical plan clients, ASO standalone medical plan clients, and insured pharmacy and medical plan clients. The coverage overview is included in the client eCards for ASO Pharmacy and Medical Plan Standard Coverage and Insured Pharmacy and Medical Plan Standard Coverage.

Cigna Healthcare appreciates your ongoing partnership in improving the health and well-being of your clients and their employees. For any questions, please reach out to your Cigna Healthcare representative.