Cigna PPO Network Set to Replace First Health for Out-of-State Coverage Effective 11/1/2023


Health Net has announced an exciting development for small and large CA-based employer groups, where the Cigna PPO Network will be replacing First Health for PPOs with out-of-state coverage effective from November 1, 2023. The move towards the Cigna PPO network, which boasts over one million providers and 6,300 facilities, aims to provide members with a wider selection of doctors and hospitals, competitive discounts, and greater flexibility to support value-driven plan designs.


Members enrolled in PPO plans with out-of-state in-network coverage will be considered Health Net members when accessing the Cigna PPO network at the in-network coverage level outside of California.


Starting from November 1, 2023, new businesses will have access to the Cigna PPO network and existing members under First Health will transition to Cigna PPO. Members will be able to find providers through ProviderSearch.


Prior to the change, members will receive a letter announcing the network shift. They will also receive a new ID card featuring both the Health Net and Cigna logos, accompanied by an informational insert. The Health Net Customer Contact Center will be prepared to answer any member queries regarding the transition to the Cigna PPO network.


For employer groups, Health Net's PPO continues to offer great flexibility in designing a benefit plan to cater to the unique needs of their groups, while also providing members with a broad choice of in- and out-of-network providers.


Further information, including the timing of planned member communications, will be communicated by the Sales Team in the upcoming weeks. For any questions, Health Net has urged clients to reach out to their Health Net Account Executive.