Kaiser Permanente Q4 Bonus Promotion


Kaiser Permanente Q4 Bonus Promotion


Increase your earning potential with our small group bonus program

For all eligible, new small groups with effective sell dates between October 1, 2023, through January 31, 2024, take home a $100 bonus per enrolled member. This limited-time bonus is open to any broker with groups who meets the following criteria: 

Small group

You’re eligible for a $100 bonus per enrolled member when you enroll at least 10 members from a qualified, new small group in California. This bonus is payable for new small groups written through direct sales, General Agency, CaliforniaChoice, and Covered California for Small Business.

Example: If you sell a new group with 30 full-time employees and enroll 21 new members with Kaiser Permanente, that’s a bonus of $2,100. 21 enrolled members x $100 = $2,100

Combine bonuses to maximize your income

This bonus is on top of your regular commission and standard broker reward programs such as the Total Replacement and Group Production rewards. Standard rules and conditions apply.