Kaiser Permanente's Upcoming Webinars, Integrated Care, Market Updates, and More


Kaiser Permanente has announced several key updates relevant to its clientele. As Medi-Cal initiates eligibility redetermination, businesses and consumers will need support in understanding their new coverage options, which include employer-sponsored health plans, individual ACA plans, and Medicare.

Additionally, Kaiser Permanente members planning to travel can rely on global emergency care and 24/7 virtual care, along with access to the Cigna PPO Network for 3-tier point-of-service and PPO plan members.

Wellness services are now more accessible due to reduced rates through the ChooseHealthy® program.

As Kaiser Permanente celebrates the 20-year anniversary of small groups' option to purchase coverage through CaliforniaChoice®, they remind their clients that their standard plan rates and designs are consistent.

Finally, Kaiser Permanente is hosting an array of educational webinars to share insights on integrated care, the California small group market, and more. Join them on Tuesday, August 22, for this year's virtual broker market update