Kaiser Releases Information on Employee Assistance Program


Employee assistance program (EAP) from TELUS Health

About the employee assistance program (EAP)

TELUS Health’s EAP is designed to help your clients’ employees feel supported, guided, connected, and rewarded — so they’re encouraged to perform at their best.
  • The EAP is voluntary and confidential.
  • There’s no cost to the employee for use of the EAP.
  • The employee doesn’t need to be a Kaiser Permanente member.
  • Eligibility is open to:
    • Employees and dependents
    • Spouses or common-law partners
    • Children up to age 26

Benefits of the EAP

Comprehensive care
  • Access to a variety of counseling options, as well as digital resources like self-guided therapy and self-assessment tools.
  • Enhanced support with work-life consultations:
    • Legal consultations (excluding workplace disputes)
    • Financial consultations (excluding international tax)
    • Child and elder care support
    • Community referrals
After completing counseling with TELUS Health, 94% of employees achieve personal goals and employers see a 47% drop in absenteeism.1

Flexibility and convenience
  • All service models include 24/7 access to immediate counseling, crisis support, and risk assessment. Additional services can be added as needed.
  • Competitive pricing through Kaiser Permanente
  • Four plan options available to match your client’s needs and budget
Insights and reporting

If your client’s group meets a size minimum, TELUS Health can provide reporting for insights into the overall well-being of your client’s team while maintaining their confidentiality.

How it works

TELUS Health provides flexible pricing based on level of service, number of visits, and preferred visit format. All models include 24/7 access to immediate crisis support and risk assessment. Additional services can be added as needed for an extra fee.

Kaiser Permanente and TELUS Health

When your client selects benefit options for their employees, they have access to a variety of ancillary services that complement Kaiser Permanente’s high-quality, comprehensive care. As part of a total health solution, we’re now offering an employee assistance program (EAP) from TELUS Health. TELUS Health is one of the largest companies providing digital-first health and wellness services and solutions that empower individuals to live their healthiest lives.

Most importantly, TELUS Health’s service is designed to meet your client’s employees where they are on their well-being journey and grow with them as their organization and business evolve.

About TELUS Health

TELUS Health is committed to building the healthiest communities and workplaces on the planet. As a global health and well-being provider encompassing physical, mental, and financial health, their team of nearly 10,000 is dedicated to helping solve pressing issues facing communities, health care professionals, employers, and employees around the world.
Source: Kaiser Permanente