Medi-Cal Continuous Renewal Program Ends March 31


The COVID-era policy of Medi-Cal automatic renewal is coming to an end, and annual renewals will resume starting April 1. This change could result in millions of current Medi-Cal Medicaid beneficiaries losing their insurance coverage.

Numerous employees previously opted out of employer-provided coverage due to their Medi-Cal eligibility. The upcoming re-enrollment period presents an opportunity to inform your group administrators about this potential loss of coverage, as it constitutes a qualifying event.

We are pleased to offer tailored worksheets for affected employees, and if you have utilized our open enrollment PowerPoint presentations, now is an ideal time to share them with your group once more. Groups that registered on PRO Apply can disseminate an open enrollment link to quickly display the rates and benefits available for these employees. Keep in mind that our team is prepared to help process these employees with carriers to facilitate a smooth experience.

As you navigate this transition, we are here to provide support. Our resources are available for both existing and new groups. Should you have any questions, please contact your sales consultant.

Source: Warner Pacific