Data Collection Requirement For All Aetna Small Group Plan Sponsors - Due April 1

Aetna is committed to complying with all legal and regulatory requirements affecting our business operations and our customer's health benefits. The following is how Aetna is helping our Small Group plan sponsors submit these reports.

The Submission Process:
1) In a few days, Aetna will send instructions to all Small Group plan sponsors.

2) They should fill out this RxDC Plan Sponsor Data Collection Form with the required data by 4/1/2023. The required data includes the following:
     •    Average monthly premium paid by employer
     •    Funding arrangement 
     •    Issuer name/legal entity

3) Aetna can then use the data to submit on behalf of your client.

Process for submissions that are missing or incomplete by 4/1/2023

Aetna will submit the report without the required plan sponsor data.  Failure to respond will impact our ability to accurately report on the plan sponsor’s behalf, and Aetna will not be responsible for any liability associated with the inaccurate report. 

Please note, if your clients don't complete this form, Aetna will submit on their behalf but it will be incomplete. Per the RxDC regulations, your clients would then need to submit the information directly to CMS by 6/1/23.

Aetna is here to help! If you have any questions or want to discuss this process, please contact your Aetna representative.

Source: Aetna