Q3 2023 Updates: Rates, Plans, and Programs From Blue Shield


In Q3 2023, there are several updates including new rates, medical and specialty plans, and broker programs. The average rate action is 1.9%, and renewal and enrollment dates can be found at the Renewal Center page. Medical plan updates include new Virtual BlueSM PPO plans, network expansion for Bronze HMO 7000/70, and minor cost share changes. Specialty plan updates consist of new Dental PPO plans, rate reductions for existing dental plans, and minimal vision plan updates. There are no life insurance updates for Q2 2023.

The Broker Bonus Program introduces new ways to earn through the autopay incentive program and increased points for selling Tandem and Virtual Blue PPO plans. The Direct Elite Rewards program benefits direct-selling small business brokers. Additionally, pharmacy updates include easier access to Continuous Glucose Monitors and the removal of weight loss drug exclusion for members with morbid obesity.

For the complete details, visit Blue Shield of California's Small Business News page that has the latest product updates and benefit changes.