UnitedHealthcare Submits 2022 Pharmacy Benefits and Costs Reporting Data as per CAA Guidelines


UnitedHealthcare has officially submitted their Pharmacy Benefits and Costs Reporting data (often referred to as RxDC) for the calendar year 2022 on June 1, 2023. This submission was made in adherence to the requirements of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA).

The submitted RxDC data encompasses records from UnitedHealthcare, UMR, Surest, UnitedHealthcare and Oxford Level Funded/All Savers fully insured and self-funded customers, which had been collated within UnitedHealthcare systems.

As previously informed, any data not stored in the UnitedHealthcare system or data that was not provided through the RxDC survey was expected to be submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) directly by the customer or their respective vendors.

UnitedHealthcare clarified that it did not submit data for those self-funded customers who had arranged for their own data submissions.

The health care provider has also provided confirmation codes for the data submission:

  • Confirmation code #23545, which covers P1, P2 (1st half, sorted by Plan Sponsor Name), P3, D1, D2, D3-D8, Narrative, Supplemental Narrative.
  • Confirmation code #23623, which covers P2 (2nd half, sorted by Plan Sponsor Name).

UnitedHealthcare stated it is prepared to directly address any follow-up queries or requests from CMS related to the submitted data.

Customers who have any questions related to this data submission or require further clarifications are advised to reach out to their UnitedHealthcare account representative.

UnitedHealthcare remains committed to transparent and timely reporting, in compliance with regulatory guidelines, to ensure its customers continue to receive quality healthcare services.