Warner Pacific and CommunityCare: A Partnership for a Healthier Oklahoma


Warner Pacific Insurance Services, a leading General Agency in the insurance sector, has announced a new partnership with CommunityCare, a respected healthcare provider based in Oklahoma. As of June 1, 2023, brokers working with Warner Pacific will be able to offer their group clients a new fully insured product, enhancing the overall client experience and service delivery.


CommunityCare brings a deep reservoir of experience and high-quality services to the partnership. This dovetails neatly with Warner Pacific's commitment to customer satisfaction and its core values. Together, the two organizations aim to provide affordable, quality healthcare to individuals and businesses throughout Oklahoma.

John Kurath, Chief National Sales Officer for Warner Pacific, expressed excitement about the collaboration, praising CommunityCare's commitment to healthcare and the range of services it offers to members. Josiah Sutton, Chief Operating Officer for CommunityCare, welcomed Warner Pacific's reputation for innovation and service, expressing confidence in the transformational impact it will have on Oklahoma's healthcare capabilities.


The partnership is a reflection of Warner Pacific and CommunityCare's shared vision to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all Oklahomans.


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Source: Warner Pacific