Blue Shield of California Launch Online Broker of Record (BOR) Automation Service


Blue Shield of California has launched their online Broker of Record (BOR) automation service, streamlining the process for your convenience. Here are some key highlights:

Online Requests: You can now submit BOR change requests online for Small Group Off Exchange lines, Medicare Supplement, and IFP Off Exchange lines of business.

Status Tracking: Track your request status effortlessly through our Online Client List feature. Real-time status tracking helps to ensure there are no returned requests for additional information, making sure your submissions are processed promptly.

Easy Access: Access the most updated forms and submit requests digitally through our platform for a smoother, more efficient experience.

Guided Tours: Our Guided Tours, User Guides and Quick Links help you navigate the submission process and the requirements for submitting a BOR change, reducing manual errors and ensuring a seamless experience. Click the Site help link at the top of any authenticated landing page on Broker Connection for more information.

Help ensure your commissions are processed promptly with these tools designed to simplify and enhance your workflow.

For more information, please review their FAQs or log in to your Broker Connection account.

Source: Blue Shield of California