BSC Small Business Updates Group Initial Payment Form


The small group initial payment form has been updated to streamline the payment process and make it even easier to do business with Blue Shield of California.  Employers now have the option to make the initial payment and setup recurring payments.  

The form enhancements for Q3 2024 include:

•    Transition assistance: New small groups enrolling can provide a minimum initial payment of 70% of the first month’s premium.

•    Streamlined processing: All initial payments are processed within 5-business days following group approval. 

•    AutoPay: When selected, the first payment deduction will include a true-up amount of any reduced initial payment, in addition to the monthly premium amount due. 

The updated Small Group Initial Payment form is attached and available here.  Start using this form immediately for paper group submissions.  The Blue Shield of California Employer Enrollment Tool (EET) will reflect this update Friday, June 21.

Source: Blue Shield of California