New Aetna Funding Advantage Portfolio Updates


Benefit Updates and Network Access

Three new plan options:

•    $3,000 100/50 $0LXR
•    HSA $4,000 100/50 E
•    HSA $4,500 80/50 E

Strengthening benefits for family planning:

•    Infertility – Adding coverage for artificial insemination under the Basic infertility benefit
•    Contraceptives – will be able to be dispensed for up to a 12-month supply in one retail or mail-order fill

Expanding CVS Health Virtual CareTM to be available on all local networks except:

•    Banner|Aetna or AZ out-of-state plans
•    Allina Health|Aetna or MN out-of-state plans

Expanding CVS Health Virtual Primary CareTM to be available on:

•    Innovation Health plans
•    Certain locally based networks

Optimizing Member Wellness Offering

NEW: Aetna Health Your Way™

This new wellness program will engage and reward adult members for completing a health screening, healthy actions, and activity challenges. 

Participating members can earn up to $100 per year in the form of gift cards. And, they can access powerful resources like digital health coaching programs and personalized healthy action challenges.

NEW: Aetna Smart Compare®

New program prioritizes provider search results based on the “Quality & Effective Care” designation, helping to drive better health outcomes, cost savings and overall experience.

Sunsetting: FitOn (formerly Peerfit)

•    For new AFA customers, FitOn Will not be available starting 9/1/2024
•    For existing business with renewal dates from 9/1/2024 through 2/1/2025, FitOn will be removed at the group’s renewal date
•    For existing business with renewal dates from 3/1/2025 through 8/1/2025, FitOn will be removed all at once effective 2/1/2025

New Business credits 

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