UnitedHealthcare Offers Cigna+Oscar Promotion


UnitedHealthcare offers new Cigna+Oscar underwriting promotion and broker bonus program. See details and submission requirements below.  All other guidelines apply.

  • Employer Group Application
  • Copy of Cigna+Oscar bill (to confirm group is coming off C+O for broker bonus purposes)
  • The CA Participation Certification Form (groups with 3 or more enrolling EEs) in lieu of DE9c
    • No payroll requirements for new hires
  • For groups wrapping with staff model (including Kaiser):
    • UHC is waiving the staff model requirement of 5 CA enrolling employees on Choice Simplified package.  NOTE:  There must be at least 1 CA enrolling employee in order to write a UHC CA policy. 
  • For groups with more than 50% OOS Employees:
    • We are waiving CA Underwriting approval for groups with more than 50% OOS EEs.
  • Broker Bonus:  $60 per enrolled UHC subscriber (employee) on groups moving off Cigna+Oscar to UHC CA small business.
Source: UnitedHealthcare