Warner Pacific Receives 2023 All Star Recycling Award



In recognition of outstanding commitment to environmental sustainability and recycling initiatives, Warner Pacific received the prestigious "2023 All Star Recycling Award" by the City of Westlake Village on Wednesday, February 28. The accolade, presented to only two local organizations during a ceremony at City Hall, signifies our remarkable efforts in surpassing the city's stringent recycling standards.

Since its inception, Warner Pacific has undertaken a myriad of initiatives aimed at reducing waste, conserving resources, and promoting recycling practices. Through innovative strategies and concerted efforts, led by Jean Halsell and Karen Lish, has not only met but exceeded the exacting recycling benchmarks set forth by the City of Westlake Village.

"We are deeply honored to receive the 2023 All Star Recycling Award from the City of Westlake Village," shared Jean Halsell, Senior Vice President Human Resources and Director of Environmental, Social and Governance. "This recognition underscores our firm belief in the importance of environmental sustainability and motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence in recycling practices."

The journey towards achieving this esteemed accolade was not without its challenges. Warner Pacific invested significant resources and manpower into implementing comprehensive recycling programs, streamlining waste management processes, and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among its staff and stakeholders.

“Our team's unwavering dedication and passion for sustainability propelled us forward. Receiving this award validates our efforts and reinforces our commitment to making a meaningful difference in our community and beyond," said Karen Lish, pictured receiving the award. 

The recognition underscores the vital role that organizations play in driving positive environmental change and serves as a testament to the power of collective action in fostering a healthier, more sustainable planet for generations to come.

Source: Warner Pacific