Blue Shield Shares Premium Credit Program

Consistent with their mission to provide access to high-quality health care that is sustainable affordable, Blue Shield is applying a one-time premium credit to the November or December* billing cycle to help ease the financial strain many of their members and employer groups are facing.

Premium credits will be applied for:
  • Fully-insured** employer group medical, dental and/or vision plans
  • Medicare Supplement medical, dental and/or vision plans
  • IFP dental and/or vision plans (not IFP medical plans)
Read the full details about the program here

*Blue Shield On-exchange small groups (CCSB) and a small subset of Medicare Supplement members will receive premium credits calculated based on the customer's October premium and applied through this program to their December billing cycle. All other market segments included in the program will have credits applied to their November billing cycle.

**Flex-funded groups are not eligible for this program.
Source: Blue Shield of California