CaliforniaChoice Adds More Choices Starting December 1, 2020

Starting with the December 1, 2020, effective date, new and renewing groups have even more choices for health insurance coverage with CaliforniaChoice.

Total Choice has been added, which gives employees access to health plans and benefits available in all four ACA metal tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

This means brokers' clients and their employees have more options when it comes to finding coverage to fit their individual health care needs:
  • Total Choice
  • Triple Choice
  • Double Choice
  • Single Choice
Total Choice Delivers for Everyone:
  • Provides most plan choices and price points to satisfy employee needs.
  • Employees can buy up or down, while the employer is still able to control costs without limiting choice for employees.
  • Encourages increased participation by offering a lower-cost option for employees who want to enroll dependents.
  • Offers brokers more to discuss at renewal! Total Choice is a great way to offer all options to existing clients without disrupting current plan availability.
  • There is no employer cost to offer Total Choice, and there's no participation requirement for any tier.
Share the news with your clients. Download the employer flyer and get a jump on the 12/1 renewals and new business today.
Source: CaliforniaChoice