Covered CA for Small Business Offers 2021 Updates

Exclusive Tax Credit for Small Businesses

Attract employer groups with this exclusive tax credit that is only available through Covered California for Small Business. Qualifying groups can apply this tax credit on their Federal Tax Return. 

Small Business Clients could be eligible for up to 50% Credit of Premiums for For-Profit Businesses or up to 35% Credit of Premiums for Non-Profit Businesses. For Small Business Clients that...
  •  have fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees
  • pay an average wage of less that $55,000 a year
  • pay at least half of their employees' health insurance premiums
...then there is a federal tax credit that may put money back in their pocket. To learn more, click here.

Additionally, there are two flyers to share with your clients: Covered California Website Update

Covered California recently relaunched their website with a new look and navigation. If you previously used tis site to navigate to Covered California for Small Business, you will notice that the Covered California for Small Business tab is no longer available in the top navigation bar. 

The Covered California for Small Business website address has not change and is accessible anytime at If you prefer to navigate from the newly updated Covered California website, simply scroll down to the webpage footer and select the Covered California for Small Business website link. 
Source: Covered California for Small Business