Kaiser Permanente Releases 2021 Plan Highlights and Rates

Kaiser Permanente has announced updates for the upcoming 2021 portfolio.

Rate Changes for plans January through July 2021 effective dates *

Average rate changes across California for plans sold direct, through Covered California or through CaliforniaChoice with January 2021 through July 2021 effective dates.
  • New sales HMO metal plans NCAL -0.3%, SCAL 0.3%,
  • New sales PPO metal plans 7.0%,
  • New sales dental plans 2.0%, and Child dental 2.0%.
* Premium weighted average increase reflecting benefit changes and anticipated sales distribution by region for January through June.

2021 Renewal Plan Changes

Renewal support materials will be available after October 1, 2020.

Plan Additions

Addition of 4 NEW Medical Plans
  1. Gold 80 HMO 0/30 + Child Dental ALT
  2. Gold 80 HMO 1000/40 + Child Dental ALT
  3. Bronze 60 HMO 5400/60 + Child Dental ALT
  4. Silver 70 DHMO 2600/55 + Child Dental ALT
Addition of 2 NEW PPO Dental Plans
  1. PPO AG 1500
  2. PPO AH 2000
View the 2021 Plan Highlights

Plan Discontinuation 

Kaiser is discontinuing the HMO Gold 80 500/30 + Child Dental ALT non-standard plan and mapping members to the HMO Gold 80 250/35 + Child Dental standard plan; which does not include ALT. This plan purposely doesn't have the ALT chiropractic/acupuncture benefit because it's now a shared plan with Covered California. Although Kaiser is automatically mapping members at renewal, employers may select a difference plan when they receive their renewal. 

Grandfathered Plans

Kaiser continues to honor existing grandfathered plans and employers can still enroll employees on these plans. For a grandfathered plan to continue, it must continue with same coverage and maintain at least one enrollee continuously.

The Customer Connection Team has a New Name

Effective September 30th, the Customer Connection Team (CCT) will officially change their name to the Account Management Support Team. Contact information such as phone numbers and email address will remain the same.
Source: Kaiser Permanente