Notice the Division has Altered Certain Processes and Activities

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Division has altered how it handles certain processes and activities. The following list outlines those process changes and the anticipated duration of those changes.
  • Auto Insurance Liability Disclosure Request Processing 
    • Division will continue to process requests for auto liability limits received electronically (preferred). Due to the Executive Orders related to the COVID-19 emergency,if hard copy requests are received, their processing will be delayed.
    • Interested parties: Auto Insurers, Consumers
    • Anticipated duration: While the Division of Insurance is operating remotely and/or its offices are physically closed.  
  • Service of Process
  • License / Registration Continuation (including continuing education)
    • During the COVID-19 emergency, Colorado insurance licenses and registrations, including resident and non-resident producers, resident and non-resident insurance agencies, public adjusters and all current cash-bonding agents and professional cash-bail against  WILL NOT expire for any reasons, including not meeting continuing education requirements, not meeting registration  deadlines or lack of payment. Proctoring requirements for continuing education exams are also suspended during this time. The Commissioner will give licensees and registrants 60 days’ notice before removing the continuation, which will afford licensees and registrants additional time to bring their licenses into compliance. Refer to Emergency Regulation 20-E-04 for full details. 
    • Interested parties: Colorado Insurance Licensees, Producers,  Registrants
    • Anticipated duration: In effect until otherwise ordered by the Commissioner
Additional information concerning COVID-19 and insurance can be found on the Division's website via the following link:

COVID-19 and Insurance

Source: Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies