Warner Pacific adds new master application to PRO Apply online enrollment system

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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. (Nov. 17, 2020) — Enrollment is already challenging enough, and with COVID-19 leading to an increase in remote workers and a newfound reliance on digital communication, innovative solutions are vital. Warner Pacific’s proprietary PRO Apply technology streamlines the enrollment process for carriers, brokers and their clients by providing a convenient, secure, paperless solution. And now, with the addition of its new master application feature, the process is even simpler.
Most online enrollment systems require an employer to fill out a separate master application on paper before employees can complete their online applications. With PRO Apply’s new master application feature, employers can complete the master application online, helping to streamline the process and keep all the group’s information together in one place. Currently, this feature is available for CaliforniaChoice and Anthem groups, and Warner Pacific plans to continue adding new carriers to the system.
“No other online enrollment system offers the comprehensive solution that PRO Apply does, and the new master application is a perfect example,” said Memo Rodriguez, Warner Pacific’s chief information officer and leader of the team that developed PRO Apply. “This is just one of many exciting features to come. We are always looking for ways to upgrade and enhance PRO Apply to make life as easy as possible for brokers, carriers, employers and employees.”
PRO Apply facilitates all aspects of the enrollment process, from collecting data from groups to getting that data into carriers’ systems. PRO Apply makes it quick and easy to set up new groups, with a turnaround time of less than a day and no effort required from the broker.
Jan. 1, 2021, PRO Apply employee applications are now live. Within the system, employees can easily compare plans and submit their information. There’s no need to mail out paper applications, and the broker doesn’t have to worry about collecting individual employees’ email addresses. The system is also completely secure and HIPAA compliant.
Before submitting an application through PRO Apply, employees must fill out all the required information, which helps to reduce the amount of back-and-forth required between the broker and their clients. In fact, compared to traditional paper applications, PRO Apply results in 42% fewer missing requirements on submissions. Because the applications are digital, rather than handwritten, the system also helps prevent misreading and data entry errors.
PRO Apply delivers each individual’s information into the appropriate carrier, in the carrier’s preferred format for easy uploading. This eliminates the need to retype or manually enter data, helping to reduce typos and get employees their ID cards even faster.
“PRO Apply is the simplest, fastest, most intuitive online enrollment system out there,” said Jeff Papenfus, senior vice president of sales at Warner Pacific. “It makes the enrollment process completely paperless, prevents mistakes, and saves time and effort for everyone involved.”
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