WarnerFest 2016: A Message From John J. Nelson

Posted: 7/18/2016 11:31:44 AM by Miki Rettig (CA)
Dear Friend,

Fourth quarter 2015 was an unprecedented time of change and transition.  The next fourth quarter is forecasted to be just as intense but with different challenges.  So we have been busy developing and adding new tools and services to help you navigate through it.

We want to have a conversation with you about all of this, which is why we are going on the road again with another WarnerFest Tour this summer.

WarnerFest 2016 is scheduled for July 26-28 in Northern California and August 2-4 in Southern California.  You'll hear from our leadership team on a variety of topics, including: the transition of large group to small group; new electronic enrollment carrier tools, and other helpful information on how to prepare for what's coming up.

While at WarnerFest, you will also have an opportunity to meet and network with all the major carriers in our Hall of Success and learn more about the latest on their fronts.
Our family of employees is humbled by your trust and confidence.  WarnerFest is our way of expressing our gratitude for the tremendous support you have shown us.  So we hope to see you there!



John Nelson
Co-CEO Warner Pacific