A Wave of Opportunities

Posted: 6/1/2015 4:08:46 PM by Global Marketing
By Joe Navarro
Some of you have already started the process for laying the foundation for a successful end of year while others are more focused on bringing in sales now

So where am I going with this?

I am going to tell you what you already know. The sales and marketing funnel has dramatically changed. 
Your existing and prospective clients are coming to the table with much more awareness than ever before. They want you to have the answers and a package of value-added tools to offer them.

Consider these stats related to what independent research shows a consumer does before making a major purchase. And as you, know buying health insurance is considered not only major but painful too.

Before reaching out to you:  
  • 77 % use Google search 
  • 84.3 % check business websites
  • 41 % read user reviews
(2014 State of B2B Procurement Study)

They want you to confirm they are moving in the right direction or for you to provide viable alternatives to their line of thinking.  They are concerned, confused and cautious as a result of all the changes, compliance rules and regulations.

They need you to clearly demonstrate you understand their needs and can provide a solution that will ease their growing anxiety.

You’ve heard it before. They want a Trusted Advisor.

So what do you do first?  

This might sound sophomoric, but your first step should be preparing a plan that you can follow as you walk down the bumpy path in front of you. Do it now.  Products are a commodity and service is what the majority of your competition claims as their sweet spot.  You need a differentiator that you can use to take you to a whole new level of success.

Knowledge is that differentiator. 

 What consumers will find is that your competition is not ready to answer 80% of the   questions they will be asked nor have they identified a partner that can help them find the answers.  A truth today is that one size does not fit all.

Boomers are different than Millenials and Gen X demands differ from Seniors.

Companies are a mix of part-time and full-time and they are all worried about what they need to be doing to follow the rules. 

Ask yourself, are you content with just maintaining your book of business? Or, are you fired up to take on all of these challenges and explore the many opportunities that can grow your business this year?

I would bet that having made it this far, you are ready to grow your business.

Another truth today is that there is way too much for you to take on by yourself.  You need to focus on selling and building new relationships while maintaining the clients you have.  If you get caught up in the minutiae – you won’t have time to sell.

This brings me to the next step: Tap into the powerful array of resources your GA offers and work with them during this cycle preparing for the coming 4th Quarter.

And watch for a stream of exciting communications in the next few weeks from Warner Pacific announcing new tools, services and partnerships that can make an immediate difference for you as you grow your agency. 
Take advantage of a credible and all-inclusive back-end support team that is ready to handle your administrative needs.

We call it GA Strong

With Warner Pacific doing the heavy lifting, you’ll have time to ramp up your sales accessing tools you won’t find anywhere else.

My call to action…right now?

Become a Knowledge Center. Stay determined.  Be Flexible and get creative. 

Your Warner Pacific Team is an excellent resource providing you the tools you need to compete in today’s marketplace.

We are here for you.  That’s what we do.

Be Brilliant.